new Returnboard eBook 2012


What will you learn in the eBook?


Robot or Returnboard?

I guess you are all familiar with the standard multi-ball exercises and you have probably also already worked with various kinds of robots.

How does the Returnboard fare against these?

Can it keep up with those trusted and time proven methods?

I believe that Returnboard Training is vastly superior
to both multi-ball exercises and robot training and here’s

Only the Returnboard will give you feedback about
the speed and the rotation of your shot.

Robots and multi-ball-training will only tell you about the placement of your shots.
There’s no way of finding out about the other qualities of your shots, i.e. speed and rotation.

I use the term “rally training method” because  this is exactly what my Returnboards  are all about: rallies of several
consecutive shots,
varying according to the speed, rotation and direction
that you give to them.

Feedback is instantaneous and unforgiving; a  Returnboard is the most honest training gear  you can think of:

if the shot  is good enough, it will be returned.

If not, well, then it’s quite safe
to say that you’re not quite there yet.

I am convinced that it is this kind of feedback
that will ultimately make you a much better player.


 Enjoy your training!  


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- eBook "Returnboard training with 60 exercises" -
  Each exercise is illustrated graphically with ball paths

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