Instructions for building your own Returnboard


now possible to buy 12/10/2011


Instructions for making your own

Single or Double Returnboard




Follow these instructions to make

your own Returnboard using standard tools.


I have made a sample copy out of wood,

and have taken detailed photos

of each individual step 25 photos in all.



Now you can build your own Returnboard

                    – step-by-step –

simply by following these simple instructions.


You will need a saw, a drill, sandpaper, wood screws, and rubbers.


I will describe the seven parts that you will need
to make, explain how they work, and give you the necessary dimensions.


I’ll also give you instructions on how to train with the


And I’ll offer you several options for equipping your
Returnboard with table tennis rubbers:


- Used table tennis rubbers

- New table tennis rubbers

- My own special Returnboard rubbers.


The instructions I’ll be giving you are backed

by ten years’
experience in manufacturing Returnboards.


I wish all of you the greatest success in training with
your new Returnboard.


Sincerely yours,


Michael Pollak





Prices and payment


Only € 24, -  if you live in a country outside the European Union



If you live in an EU country, the price is € 29,- 

( 19 % VAT includet )



Please make your payment to:



Michael Pollak

Bank: Sparkasse Ulm

Neue Strasse 66


89073 Ulm


IBAN: DE 05 6305 0000 0002 2307 82


Or if you prefer, you can pay with:


Master Card, VISA or Pay Pal


Please email me, Michael Pollak, at  for payment instructions,

and IÍI reply by return email the same day.






Sincerely yours,


Michael Pollak